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gioco del ponte di pisa

The Pisa event that attracts tourists from all parts of the world is undoubtedly the Game of the Bridge.

The event takes place the last week of June and is the apotheosis of the fabulous June of Pisa, month in which many tourists and cultural events are concentrated.

The Game of the Bridge is a very old tournament, which has been reported since the end of the 1400. When the Medici family acquired the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, to govern it, they found already in place the old rivalry between the inhabitants of Pisa who lived on the opposite banks of the Arno river. Before the beginning of the Game of the Bridge there is the parade, where there are represented all the military, political and historical figures of Pisa, ancient maritime republic.

Another event involving thousands of people is "The Palio di San Ranieri", a boat race in the four districts of Pisa, which takes place in the city section of the Arno riverpalio di san ranieri a pisa.

Every year on the evening of the 16June it is revived the spell of the Luminaria of San Ranieri along the Arno in Pisa. Everything started on 25 March 1688, when the urn containing the body of San Ranieri degli Scaccieri, patron of the city, was solemnly placed in the chapel of the Cathedral of Pisa, called the Incoronata. Since then, Pisa’s inhabitants are used to celebrate the eve of the Saint Patron’s day with this special candle-light illumination. There are almost seventy thousand wax candles that are meticulously set in special glasses

The candle lights (lumini in Italian), hence the name Luminaria, are hung in wooden frames painted in white colour decorating the windows of the buildings overlooking the Arno.

And there's more in the late afternoon befoluminaria a pisare the luminaria, dozens of volunteers lit thousands of candles that are dropped into the Arno River so that it shines with its own light.

For further details on the city of Pisa www.pisahistory.it